Pedestrian And Bicyclist Accident-Related Deaths At An Unprecedented High

While traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania in 2019 decreased from the total number of deaths in 2018, pedestrian and bicyclist accident-related deaths are at an all-time high based on data from The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA). While traffic deaths have decreased by 8% in the last ten years, pedestrian fatalities throughout the U.S. have dramatically risen by 42% in this same decade.

In its annual report, the NHTSA reported 6,283 pedestrians were killed in accidents in the U.S. last year, which represents a 3.4% increase. During this same period, 857 bicyclists were killed, a 6.3% increase. The NHTSA found these numbers to be the highest in almost 30 years. For 2018, pedestrian deaths in Pennsylvania increased by a whopping 34% with 201 deaths compared to 150 in 2017.

Auto safety experts believe the ever-increasing problem of drivers distracted by mobile devices is at least partially to blame for these national increases in pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities.

Other highlights of the NHTSA’s findings are the following:

Pedestrian fatalities occurred

  • overwhelmingly after dark (76%);
  • when many pedestrians had some alcohol in their systems (38%); and
  • when pedestrians were not at intersections (74%; i.e., crossing in the middle of a street or road).

Bicyclist fatalities occurred

  • after dark (50%);
  • when victims had some alcohol in their systems (26%); and
  • when victims were outside of intersections (60%).

“We are alarmed by the notable increase in pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities,” said Jonathan Adkins, Executive Director of the nonprofit Governors Highway Safety Association in a news release. “There is no one solution to the rise in pedestrian deaths. Rather, a combination of engineering, enforcement, and educational approaches are needed.”

Both pedestrians and bicyclists must account for the fact that there are more distracted drivers on the road than ever before. And this number of distracted drivers is increasing. It is important to always wear reflective material and/or have a connected light source whether walking or riding a bicycle. Both pedestrians and bicyclists should always cross a roadway at intersections or within clearly designated crosswalks. Traveling after dark or on dangerous roads should always be avoided. First and foremost, pedestrians and bicyclists must always be aware of their surroundings and all other vehicles on the roadway.

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Pedestrian And Bicyclist Accident-Related Deaths At An Unprecedented High

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