FAQs About Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are common. In fact, there were more than 125,000 reportable accidents in Pennsylvania during 2019. After an accident, you might be shaken up and not know what to do. The following FAQs about vehicle accidents should help.

Should I talk to the other drivers at the scene?

If you are both physically able, you should exchange names, phone numbers, and insurance information. Otherwise, be incredibly careful what you say. Do not ever apologize or say the accident was your fault. It may be impossible to know who was at fault until the accident is investigated.

Do I have to talk to an insurance adjuster?

At some point, you probably will have to speak with an insurance adjuster. We strongly encourage you to talk to an attorney first. Your statement might be recorded and used against you if someone files a lawsuit. It may also be used to reduce or eliminate any compensation you should have received.

Should I see a doctor? My injuries seem minor.

It’s best to let at least a paramedic check you out. Some injuries do not show up right away, even potentially life-threatening ones. For example, you could have a minor bone break that becomes worse because you did not have any x-rays after the accident. You might also find it difficult to prove the accident caused your injuries if there’s no medical report.

Can I get compensation for my injuries and damages if I was at fault?

Possibly. Pennsylvania uses modified comparative negligence to decide issues like this. You might be found partially at fault for an accident and still recover, but only if your portion of the blame does not exceed 51%. However, your recovery will be reduced by the amount of fault. So, if you were awarded $100,000 but found 20% at fault, your award might be reduced to $80,000.

Can the other driver sue me if he or she caused the accident? That doesn’t seem fair!

The at-fault driver can attempt to sue you and blame at least part of the accident on you. It’s possible. But your personal injury attorney will fight to protect your rights as much as possible.

The other driver’s insurance company offered me some money. Should I take it?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer to this question is, “No.” Before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company, discuss your case with an attorney. Remember that the insurer does not work for you and is not going to put your concerns first. Their goal is a speedy, low settlement. Let your attorney handle the delicate negotiations for you.

We Help Clients with Vehicle Accidents.

An attorney who has worked with personal injury cases can help analyze your case and decide on a course of action.

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