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About Pa. Workers’ Comp Forms: LIBC- 496 Notice of Compensation Denial

July 27, 2018

Within 21 days from the date a worker provides notice of an injury, the employer/carrier may deny liability. If so, it issues a Notice of Workers’ Compensation Denial (LIBC-496) to the employee and the claim is now closed. However, at this time, the injured employee may choose to pursue a claim through the litigation system. […]



About Pa. Workers’ Comp Forms: LIBC-494 Statement of Wages

July 25, 2018

There are many forms that injured workers, employers, and insurers must utilize when a work-related injury occurs in Pennsylvania. All of them are important in their own right and some are more common than others. The Statement of Wages (LIBC-494) enables the calculation of the correct compensation that may be owed to an injured employee. […]


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