Six Kinds of Potential Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury claims can arise when another person or company has harmed you. While not all cases are the same, the following six kinds of potential personal injury damages are common.

#1.  Past Medical Bills

After an injury, especially a serious one, you’ll need to get medical treatment. You could face ambulance rides, emergency room treatment, surgeries, and more. The personal injury damages requested in your lawsuit typically include your past medical expenses. It seems only right that the person who caused those injuries should pay for them.

#2.  Future Medical Bills

Sometimes medical care can extend for weeks, months, and even years. When you start pursuing compensation for your injuries, it may be challenging to predict how much your future medical expenses will cost. However, future medical bills are a common type of personal injury damage, especially for people with serious injuries.

#3.  Past Wage Loss

You might not be able to work while recovering from your injuries. That’s why you might include your loss of income in your lawsuit for personal injury damages. This category of damages is usually easier to prove than the next category.

#4.  Future Earning Ability

A serious or catastrophic injury could affect your ability to earn money going forward. For example, severe head trauma could result in a lifelong disability. Predicting your future earnings might be difficult, but it’s often worth pursuing this type of personal injury damages as a hedge against your future.

#5.  Pain and Suffering

These non-economic damages usually cannot be proven with hard numbers and receipts. However, many victims suffer a great deal of pain and suffering. In many cases, it makes sense to ask for this type of personal injury compensation because of the severity of the person’s injuries, both physical and mental.

#6.  Punitive Damages

Personal injury damages do not always include punitive damages. However, this type of compensation is awarded when the at-fault person or company had a high degree of responsibility for what happened. Also, the defendant in the lawsuit might have engaged in behavior that made the injured party’s damages worse than normal. In cases like this, judges and juries might award punitive damages as a way of punishing the at-fault party.

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